About Us

Graviteam is a game development independent studio based in Kharkov, Ukraine. Studio specializes in developing: tactical wargames with a strong sense of realism, tank simulators, and military training complexes.


List of released projects:

• Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star  (2011) - tactical wargame with DLCs

- ​Graviteam Tactics: Shilovo 1942 (DLC)

Graviteam Tactics: Zhalanashkol 1969 (DLC)

Graviteam Tactics: Shield of the Prophet (DLC)

Graviteam Tactics: Operation Hooper (DLC)

Graviteam Tactics: High Resolution Textures (DLC)

Graviteam Tactics: Krasnaya Polyana (DLC)

Graviteam Tactics: Volokonovka 1942 (DLC)

Graviteam Tactics: Sokolovo 1943 (DLC)

• Steel Armor: Blaze of War (2011) - tank simulator

• Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 (2010) - tactical wargame

• Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 (2007) - tank simulator

• X-Designer (2006) - software tool


Our employees participated in development of:

• Т-72: Balkans on fire (2004) - tank simulator

• Training complexes for:

- Main Battle Tanks, created in State-owned Enterprise Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (SOE KMDB)

- Armored Reconnaissance Airborne Machine (BRDM-2)


 Also our company worked and still working in many other projects as outsourcer:

World of Tanks - outsourcing models

Order of War - outsourcing vehicle models

Tanki Online - outsourcing vehicle models and buildings
Noviy Soyuz - outsourcing vehicle models and buildings


All projects use company's own 3D engine. The engine features:

• A high performance and quality render, capable of real-time displaying of numerous 3D objects, applying different visual effects: SSAO, HDR, tone mapping, deferred lightning and shading, atmospheric effects, flares, dynamic lightning, real-time terramorphing.

• Automatic realistic landscape generation with surface size over 100 sq. km.

• Progressive physical simulation, allowing simulation of various vehicle types with different kinds of chassis: wheeled, half-tracked, fully-tracked, amphibious, flying and railway. Inner mechanisms, engine, transmission and suspension are also simulated.

• Ballistics, wide range of weapons, different kinds of machinery damages are simulated.

• AI elements like: environment pathfinding, situationally determined decision making, soldiers and crew behaviour simulation.


• Support of dynamic-platform for training complexes.

• Exercise reports and error diagnostics.

• Different projection modes support with various configurations of internal and external monitors.

• Several training complexes joint work for cooperative education.


• Various hardware sensors, actuators and controls support.

• Instructor's work place for education process management.

• Many tools and automation service-programs.



With Graviteam's 12+ years experience in the gamedev industry you can be sure you will get exactly what you are looking for.